Thank you for stopping by! We are really excited to build a selection of great tools to help home inspectors do their job better and safer. Please subscribe to our mail list to be notified when we get new products. 

We are launching our site with two great products, PanelPal™ and the Vantage Point™ Camera Pole.

PanelPal™ is a great tool for anyone who works on electric panels that are hinged at the top. Too many inspectors rest the cover on their head. This is really dangerous and could easily electrocute an inspector if he contacts an energized component. PanelPal™ was developed to safely hold open the cover so that the dead front can be removed, and both of your hands remain free, to safely work – or block curious hands from clients and real estate agents.

The Vantage Point™ Cameral Pole is a fantastic alternative to a drone. It enables you to view roofs that you might not otherwise be able to reach with a typical ladder. And bad weather is no problem since you won’t need to walk on slippery roofs. You can now inspect roofs with both feet safely on the ground. It is far superior to any aluminum painter’s poles which conduct electricity, and can also electrocute an inspector. This light weight, non-conductive camera pole will become one of your favorite tools.

Again, thanks for checking us out. Your safety is extremely important. One accident can put an inspection company out of business. 

Happy Inspecting!

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